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Brown Concert Agency

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SW 2023:
4.29 - 4.30



"The best thing ever"

- sidechat, probably

Brown Concert Agency (BCA) is a fully student-operated organization that plans and hosts Brown University's annual Spring Weekend music festival.

We accept new members every year during the fall semester. Please check back here and on our social media for updates about applications and contact us with any further inquiries. 

Got questions? Talk to us: 

Look out for information regarding Spring Weekend 2023


The 2022 Dream Team

Get to know us! 

BCA Website Design - Rushane.tif

Rushane Dunn


Class: 2023

Concentration: Cellular and Molecular Biology & Africana Studies

Fun Fact: I’m in the top .05% of Ariana Grande Spotify listeners meaning i listen to more Ariana Grande that 49,000,000 people.

Song Recommendation Direction by Alkaline

BCA Website Design - Adi.tif

Adi Thatai


Class: 2023

Concentration: Applied Math & English

Fun Fact: Likes board and video games 

Song Recommendation: Ting Tun Up by Skiifall

BCA Website Design - Ellie.tif

Ellie Barksdale


Class: 2023

Concentration: IAPA (Development Studies) & Africana Studies

Fun Fact: Thinks fun facts are hard.

Song Recommendation: Hospital by Madison Cunningham

BCA Website Design - Kenney.tif

Kenney Nguyen


Class: 2022.5

Concentration: Architecture

Fun Fact: I come from the same part of Florida as Bella Thorne, Latrice Royale, Lil Pump, and Kodak Black

Song Recommendation: : Play - iamamiwhoami

BCA Website Design - Catherine.tif

Catherine Yang


Class: 2024

Concentration: Visual Arts & Food Entrepreneurship

Fun Fact: I have been inside a volcano

Song RecommendationTriple Double by Jean Dawson

BCA Website Design - zoom zoom.tif

* a great photo of catherine scanning tickets using our fantastic ticket scanners!

Brian Wang


Class: 2024

Concentration: Music

Fun Fact: I can do a pretty good Animal Crossing villager impression haha

Song Recommendation: STFU! by Rina Sawayama

BCA Website Design - Bryan.tif
BCA Website Design - Fernanda.tif

Fernanda Chavez


Class: 2025

Concentration: Computer Science & Ethnic Studies

Fun Fact: I love baking and planning parties 

Song Recommendation: VIRGO'S GROOVE by Beyonce or Moscow Mule by Bad Bunny

alex photo raw.png

Alex Purdy

Class: 2023

Concentration: Identity, Being, and Otherness 

Fun Fact: likes fish

Song RecommendationMy Pal Foot by The Shaggs

BCA Website Design - Laura.tif

Laura David


Class: 2024

Concentration: Political Science and English

Fun Fact: My friend’s friend is Stacy’s daughter (Stacy’s mom’s granddaughter)

Song RecommendationTime Will Tell by Blood Orange

BCA Website Design - Tanya1.tif

Tanya Qu


Class: 2025

Concentration: Law, Philosophy, and Economics & Music 

Fun Fact: I'm building this website in Friedman Hall room 202 while in a lecture! 

Song Recommendation: Wayback - Juto

BCA Website Design - Jack.tif

Jack Stein


Class: 2024

Concentration: Modern Culture Media & Philosophy 

Fun Fact: I love to cook 

Song RecommendationLOUIE - Kenny Beats

...and say hey to our new members :) 


Cole Francis


Class: 2026

Concentration: Economics & Environmental Science

Fun Fact: Big time vegetarian for nearly 8 years!!! 

Song RecommendationRomanticist - Yves Tumor and Evian - Goldlink (ft. PinkPantheress, Rizloski, & Rax)


Katarina Chen


Class: 2025

Concentration: Computer Science & Linguistics

Fun Fact: Can hold my breath for 2 minutes underwater

Song RecommendationFloors by Abhi the Nomad

Vincent Pic.tif

Vincent Moroz


Class: 2025

Concentration: MCM and Econonomics

Fun Fact: My last name is what they call Santa Claus in Slavic languages :)

Song Recommendation: Déjà Vu by Toro y Moi


Elliot Urgent


Class: 2024

Concentration: IAPA

Fun Fact: I raised over 100 fish from birth during quarantine 

Song Recommendationcz  - Mk.gee, SCREW FACE* - Jean Dawson, Blood on the Asphalt - BIGBABYGUCCI

Tommy Pic_edited.png

Tommy Seidel


Class: 2026

Concentration: Engineering

Fun Fact: Can recite all of EAST by earl sweatshirt

Song Recommendation: It Could Be Sweet by portishead


Lizzy Duke-Moe


Class: 20246 - this is a mistake but i'm keeping it

Concentration: Environmental Studies on Pre-Med track

Fun Fact: I love huckleberry foraging 

Song RecommendationColors - Black Pumas



Shot by Jose Martinez

Applications are CLOSED for the 2022-2023 school year! Say hey to our new members in the staff section above :)


We're looking for applicants with all backgrounds, and no prior concert experience is necessary. As long as you love music, we'll love you :)

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